Smart Cakes - Raspberry 2 Cakes - 60g)
Smart Cakes - Raspberry 2 Cakes - 60g)

Smart Cakes - Raspberry 2 Cakes - 60g)

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  • LOW CALORIE AND LOW CARB: Watching your diet? We have a cake for that! Smartcakes are only 1 Smart Point and only 38 calories per cake. Truly guilt free snacking...Seriously!
  • HIGH PROTEIN AND FIBER: Smartcakes taste so delicious, you would never even know they are beneficial to your health! Loaded with 4g of protein and 5g of fiber, clean eating has never been this fun
  • GLUTEN FREE: For the first time ever, you can have your cake and eat it too! Most other gluten free products are laden with unhealthy ingredients such as sugars, fats, and starches – but, not our Smartcakes.
  • NON GMO: The Smartcake is an all-natural artisanal treat you won’t regret!
  • LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX: Smartcakes do not raise the glycemic index and their most unique feature is, the combination of being gluten free with zero carbs of sugars or starches in the product. Which makes it ideal for people with carbohydrate or glycemic index restricted diets, or those who just want to stay in control of their healthy life style.