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  • FLAVOR YOU CAN SAVOUR – VitaFiber IMO is a natural, plant-based sweetener that adds just the right touch of sweetness to food, beverages, or whatever else you’re cooking up
  • HIGH IN FIBER - Made from the root of tapioca, or cassava, plant. This organic, non-GMO material source is healthful and rich in dietary fiber by nature. On a dry basis, it is greater than 90% soluble fiber.
  • PREBIOTIC - Unlike other sweeteners, VitaFiber IMO provides a good source of prebiotics to assist in healthy gut function and minimize digestive issues that other sweeteners can aggravate.No preservatives
  • LOW IN CALORIES - A low calorie count at 10 calories per teaspoon, VitaFiber makes a smart addition to any nutritious diet to help maintain a healthy weight level.
  • A LABEL YOU CAN TRUST - Non-GMO, corn-free starch source that you can believe in. Sourced and produced responsibly through a delicate manufacturing process. It is also sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, halal, kosher, and allergen-free, with no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.